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We at MicroInvest are convinced that our company’s success lies in our successful team. Open communication, friendly cooperation and collaborative professional team are the foundation of Microinvest.

We continuously invest in people development and carefully build a strong team. Team success depends on the professionalism and contribution of each colleague, and success of each colleague depends on the team. Through joint efforts we achieve extraordinary results.

We are looking for people who want to work in a foreign company with European values, in a professional and friendly working atmosphere. We are hiring people with experience and graduates from the university.

You already have work experience?

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Mobile Cashier
Cashier, Călărași
Loan Officer, Chișinău
Senior Internal Auditor

You graduated from university and are looking for a good job?

Apply now for Induction Programme.

What is Induction Programme?

Induction Programme – it is the final step in the recruitment process for candidates without work experience. All candidates who successfully pass the selection process, will attend the Induction Programme, where they will found out the company Microinvest from inside. They will learn who are Microinvest customers and what are the principles of qualitative customer services, will be introduced to the corporate culture and will learn our values that guide us in daily work. The ultimate goal is to convince ourselves that we can grow professionals from young applicants to the program, and those who graduate the program successfully will be offered a job in the company.

Induction Programme is built on 2 basic blocks:

Theoretical block

Participants will get the perfect combination of theoretical studies taught by modern methods of professional studies – presentations, discussions with department heads and company management, case studies, role plays and projects. Training takes place in the company’s headquarters in mun. Chişinău. The aim of this pillar is to offer participants the knowledge, underlying the practical work.

Studied subjects


The basic principles of lending. Understanding ‘appreciation of a successful business? “. The risk analysis and making responsible decisions.


Skills efficiently to attract customers, create sales system, communication and persuasion skills, increase self-confidence, create personal branding and customer network, basic principles of marketing.


Create a successful start-up. Become manager of a real business. Increase 2 times retail sales. Learn business planning. Decrease energy spending of a restaurant 2 times.

Finance and Economy

When a business needs additional funding? What will happen if the dollar will rise or fall? How lending can help to develop competitive economy in Moldova?

Responsible Lending

What is the responsible lending? When it is beneficial and when it is forbidden borrow money? How not to over-indebt customers? Financial education on small businesses.

Practical block

The participants will continue their studies in company offices, where they will have the possibility to learn the practical work and try to serve customers by themselves. During the practice, participants will be guided by company experts. Participants will be assigned to practice in all Microinvest offices in the country.

During the program all participants will receive scholarship. In addition, the Company covers all accommodation costs during travel.


Anatolie Corsunov

Loan Officer Chișinău, Botanica
Graduated, Jan. 2016
Elena Domoșan

Loan Officer Chișinău, Buiucani
Graduated, Jan. 2016
“I’ve always been looking for a job that will motivate and challenge me, at Microinvest I found both. Here I have the opportunity every day to meet new people that with time become my friends. Each new client I meet is a personality, from which I could learn. I changed several jobs before I start working at Microinvest, but I found what is mine, and I am proud to be part of Microinvest team. I apreciate my colleagues and the work dynamic.

Thanks to this job I’ve changed and I became a more interesting person. I learned how the various types of businesses works and many success stories of my clients. Working in this company will always mean to me to strive to a a higher level,  and I am sure that I’ll never stay on the same place. “

“Lending gives you the opportunity to meet people, to establish long-term relationships with them, to study various types of business and to turn yourself into an entrepreneur.

My job is ambitious and motivate me to develop and advance to professional scale. I have accepted the challenge to apply to the Induction program in Microinvest. Even if I had experience in the field I wanted to refresh my knowledge and to integrate  more easily into new team of professionals.

I choose MicroInvest cause in this company I feels the energy, ambition, professionalism and here I found emotional comfort.

I meet simple people, friendly, willing to help at any time. “

 Dan Popovici

Loan Officer Râșcani
Graduated, Jan. 2016

Loan Officer Călărași
Graduated, Jan. 2016
“My name is Dan, I live in Rīşcani, small city on north of Moldova. For last 6 months the company MicroInvest offer me a workplace. I was looking for a job, and because I did not want to leave my homeotwn I applied to Induction Programme.

I was trained for three months by a team of professionals in lending, finance, trade, industry and agriculture. It was offered both theoretical as well as practical information, even till now we get continuous training on work situations and professional grow.

Microinvest offered me the chance to work in my hometown without going to others cities or abroad.

I work in a united and friendly team which really helped me to integrate very quickly in micro finance world. Working in the region is very interesting. Every day is a new day for me with new experiences and positive emotions. “

“Along with outstanding lectors I have learned that teamwork lead to great things, to achieve the proposed objectives, out of our comfort zone, but also to remain as enthusiastic and positive.

We learned to find common interests with our customers, building a special and sustainable relationship that will last over time. We were able to go through different regions of the country, to communicate with people, to understand the specifics of each region.

Here I understood that we find ourselves in everything we do, we grow together both as people and as a company.

I recommend it to young people who wish to acquire new knowledge and experience to attend the Induction Programme at Microinvest. “

How to become programme participant

Recrutining process is transparent and honest. If you are ambitious, enthusiastic, eager to learn new things and to grow professionaly – dare and apply all participants have equal chances.

Selection steps

application call test group_discussion individual
         CV with photo.          We call to meet you.        Math and Logic test.         Team disscusion. Interview.

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