It is very important when you take a loan to make sure that all your loans conditions are explained properly and you are aware of how much you pay for the loan you take. That is why we focus on transparency and trust in providing our services.

We are close to you when you need it and any personal needs can be financed by us. Whether you want to repair the house or buy a new property, you can contact us and we’ll give you the best financing conditions.

We are a responsible lender and we appreciate customers who want to build a better life, and we can help them to do so.

Fast decision is our priority

  • Fill the request.
  • Our expert ask some questions by phone to assess your ability to pay and collect the necessary documents.
  • Financial analysis summary is presented at the credit committee which will decide on the case.
  • During 15 min. our Loan Officer will inform you about  the decision on the case.
  • Depending on the purpose of the loan and the amount required, decision speed can vary up to 2 days. It is important to provide accurate and complete information from the start, collecting additional information will prolong time of the decision.
We want to know our clients to make sure that the loan will be paid and in the end the standard of your life will increase.
  • Application for the loan is free of charge.

Minimum documents required

Present only:
  • Identity card;
  • Salary certificate (for amounts bigger than 30 000 MDL);
We guaranty the confidentiality and security of personal data collected from you.

Up to 70 000 MDL without collateral

We give loans based on the confidence that you’re able to pay the loan with stable income, and not based on collateral.
For amounts up to 70,000 MDL no collateral is needed.
For amounts up to 400 thousand MDL conditions for collateral are flexible depending on the situation. If the risk is bigger we will require additional guarantees.
As collateral can serve cars, personal property, real estate. Collateral assessment will be done by a professional company.
 conditii gaj picto

Certified in customer protection

In 2015 was awarded the SMART Certificate for Microinvest, because we stand for responsible lending.
We take care of our clients and we will finance you only if we will be sure that you can pay the loan back.
 Sept 2015_smart_seal

Advantageous conditions for our clients

Tip credit
Suma creditului
Termenul creditului, luni

Special service: Products from our PARTNERS


We create partnership relations with retailers from Moldova, to give you the possibility to pay in rates the products you want.

Visit the partner that is closer to you

Partners from Chișinău:
Enter –
Foxmart –
Darwin –

Karcher –

Stejaur Market –
Pandashop –
Big Shop –
Basm –
Neo Computer –
Climatec –
Eurosanteh –
Amber –
Tehnoshop –
Cactus –
Mamut –
Logiterm – 
Watt – 
Gree – 
Daikin – 
Zanussi –
Electrolux – 
Moldterm –
SC Plastal SRL –

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