My daily activity deals with both agriculture and commerce. Morning starts in the shop, which is actually a family business, in which all the members are involved. Next, we try to make time to get to the greenhouse where we grow the most delicious vegetables. We distribute all the products between shops, as well as kindergartens in villages of our district. I wanted to stay close to my family, despite the current tendency to go abroad.  I am glad that today the whole family works shoulder to shoulder, and though we do not have many days of rest, it is important that we are together.

After an attempt to work with banks, we decided to take a loan from Microinvest. We were surprised that a MDL 500,000 loan is offered without collateral and that we received the money in the shortest time possible. A loan from Microinvest is the fastest solution when you are under time pressure and face many other challenges. In times of crisis, when options are limited, we turn to an expert from Microinvest.

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