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Your opinion is very important for us. Please let us know if you have detected a case of fraud, or if you have any suggestions or complaints, you may contact us through the following channels of communication:

  1. Send an e-mail to:
  2. TCall Hotline: 022 802 100
  3. Send an anonymous letter using the contact form

Messages are managed and analyzed in compliance with confidentiality requirements.

Microinvest will analyze the complaints that are correctly filled in, contain all necessary information and have adequate language. The Company reserves the right not to respond to complaints without Name, Surname, and Contact Details of the Author.


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      Microinvest cares about the protection of personal data, therefore, we inform you that the personal data you provide will be processed in the process of reviewing and resolving petitions and available to the responsible persons of the company. Full details of data processing can be found here.

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