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Victor Focșa – Graduate of the “Accounting” faculty of the State University of Cahul, and of the Induction Programme. He started his career in Microinvest as Loan Officer, and today he is a Senior Loan Officer in Cahul branch.

Victor found out about Microinvest during his university studies, when representatives of the company presented to the students the Induction training program. Probably many young people will recognize themselves in his history, because Victor was the student who wanted to go abroad in search of better prospects. Waiting for the necessary documents to emigrate, in June 2016 Victor decided to try his luck in the Induction Program, and completed 3-month training offered by Microinvest and did not suspect his plans are about to change completely. The only work experience he had were in the border police, so the financial field seemed very difficult. To Victor’s surprise, at the end of the program he received an employment offer for the role of Loan Officer in Cahul branch. At the end of September 2016, Victor was already at his workplace, surrounded by new colleagues and eager to achieve results. “The beginning was an interesting one. When I came to Cahul, there was only one free place in the branch, and there were two of us, graduates of Induction programme. We were sitting together at the table, computer, but this did not influence our desire to develop and continue to learn,” says Victor.

The turning point came a few months later, when all the papers for the planned emigration were ready, and Victor was going to make an important decision. To the delight of parents and relatives, Victor chose to stay home.

„We were young, we had ambitions, we were eager to achieve good results. It was not a competition between us, we tried to work as a team to achieve a common result. In March 2017, when I took over the responsibilities of senior loan officer, I started by defining the region we had. We visited every village and worked till late to understand the potential of each one,” Victor recalls. The results came quickly, the amounts disbursed in May well exceeded the planned ones.

Today it is hard to imagine for Victor how things would have turned out had he emigrated three years ago. He says he is pleased with the team he has, as well as with the possibilities offered by the company: “I can safely say that we have a perfect team here in Cahul, a team that we have made up over time of people with whom we share the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. At the same time, I like the autonomy that the company offers in the planning of personal activity and that of the branch and the fact that we have an open communication with the superiors”.
“I am happy that I decided to stay home with my loved ones and that three years ago I accepted the offer that allows me to progress every day as a part of a successful company,” says Victor.

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