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Borrow Wisely Campaign

Microinvest launches the „Borrow Wisely” campaign!

From October 3, 2016, Microinvest announced the official start of the BORROW WISELY! Campaign – the financial education campaign lasting one month, aimed primarily at existing and potential clients. The campaign is organized under the aegis of the Microfinance Center – an international organization that promotes global client protection standards and financial education. Besides Microinvest in Moldova, the campaign involves organizations from 14 countries, including Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Tajikistan,and Ukraine.BORROW WISELY is the campaign that draws attention to a list of key questions that every customer, who wants to apply for a loan, should know an answer to, in order to be sure that they apply for a loan safely and being responsible.

During the campaign, Microinvest employees will promote a set of information about the campaign, including leaflets and posters, among existing and potential clients. An event for the general public will also be organized on October 26 in the Generator Hub, 202 Ștefan cel Mare street 202, starting at 18:30.

For more information:

Victor Timotin – 068 200 495, Marketing


Microfinance Center is the organization founded in 1997, with 105 members, which includes microfinance companies, investors and support organizations from microfinance sector. MFC organizes trainings, consultations, meetings and research for its members aiming to contribute to the development of microfinance services in Europe and Central Asia. Also the MFC promotes international standards for customer protection and financial education.

Microinvest – the largest microfinance company from the Republic of  Moldova. We are a trusted partner for small businesses by providing flexible and timely financing since 2003. We appreciate clients who want to build a better life, and we are open to support Moldovan people in achieving a higher standard of life.


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