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2021 International Financial Education Week at Microinvest

Did you know that the motivational book “Think and Go Rich” by Napoleon Hill, about the life of tycoon Andrew Carnegie was one of the most popular worldwide bestsellers, which sold more than 20 million copies? Vivid proof that money is an important resource of humanity, which everyone wants, but not everyone can effectively use.

Why is it so vital to manage your money correctly? First of all because this can guarantee us well-being and confidence in tomorrow. And the first step towards confidence in your financial decisions begins from early childhood, through financial education, or, more simply, the “art of money management.” As a responsible lender, Microinvest is actively involved in the financial education of society. One of the campaigns we gladly adhere to every year is International Financial Education Week (Global Money Week).

Learn. Save. Win – together with Microinvest, within # GMW2021

Undoubtedly, money is an important part of our life, which provides us with better living conditions, achieving goals and other important needs. The main secret to fully reap the benefits of all these advantages and opportunities is to manage them correctly and competently. Managing your money correctly means more than just mathematical calculations of income and expenses, but also responsible management of possibilities and expectations.

At Microinvest, we advocate responsible lending because we want our clients to be able to quickly and efficiently take advantage of loans and achieve their goals. Therefore, we consider it important that before applying for a loan, you fully know your financial capabilities and make this step as reasonable as possible.

Thus, from 22 to 28 March, we will cover the following topics together:

  1. The history of money – from the first coins to electronic cards.
  2. What are loans and what are their components?
  3. How much money do we need and how to spend it correctly? – secrets from the youngest.
  4. Learn the value of money through family games.
  5. Financial education in school – recommendations for parents and teachers.

The campaign will run under our custom tag # #Microinvest_Creditor_Responsabil and general tags #LearnSaveEarn # GMW2021 and # TakeCareOfYourMoney. Within 7 days you will be able to learn new and useful things about money, lending and proper management of income and expenses. And because we know that the topic of financial education is relevant at any age, we have activities for everyone, from small to large, from children and adolescents to young and old ones.

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Learn. Save. Earn.


Microinvest is a non-bank lending institution, with foreign capital, operating in the Republic of Moldova, since 2003. According to the National Financial Market Commision, Microinvest has the largest loan portfolio among non-bank lending institutions in the country,  We are a reliable partner for individuals and small businesses, offering our clients flexible and secure financing at the right time.

Global Money Week (GMW) is the initiative of Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) and represents an annual campaign to inform children and young people about money, income and entrepreneurship. Every year, more than 175 countries from all over the world participate in the campaign.


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