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Acbaș Valentina. It’s enough just to look at the fish and I can say immediately when it was caught…

Interview with Acbas Valentina, entrepreneur from Gagauzia. The material was prepared as a part of the business support project by the lending company Microinvest.

Hello, Valentina. The people from Microinvest told me that you sell fish. For a long time?

Pavel, I’ve been selling fish for 28 years. If you will be in Comrat, on Pobedî Street, don’t pass by my store…

Valentina, a question, it is awkward to ask a woman, but by phone it is difficult to establish the age, and it is already interesting to me…

63 years old, but no one thinks I am more than 50. Do you know how much sport I’ve done in my life?! I was always first. I still don’t bypass the stadium. The policemen and I are running at the same time…

I see. Let’s go back to the fish. Do you have your own ponds? Is there a lot of fish?

There is nothing left today. Tomorrow morning there will be about 500 kg. I had a pond, bought it, then sold it. I prefer to sell. Everyone knows me, so I’ll never be left without fish. For example, Eugen from Taraclia. He is a big owner, he sells a lot, has his own store in Chisinau, but he always delivers to me. So, if there’s nothing left in the store today, it’s because it’s already evening. Tomorrow I will have fish again.

But which fish is most in demand?

Zander, crucian carp, carp, very beautiful and tasty from Taraclia. But also bream taranka, only for its sake can you come especially.

And you, what fish do you prefer?

I have just fried a zander, I don’t eat meat at all. I’ll tell you that, Pavel. Not everyone is given this job – to know the fish. I just look at the fish and I can tell immediately when it was caught, an hour or three ago. And what about trade, I have this gift from God or from my father, he was also a trader. The main thing here is to always work, never stop.

But at least once a year do you allow yourself a week of vacation?

I’ve never been to the sea. I don’t even want to, I have a tanned skin by nature. I have daughters, whom I help, a niece, two brothers. I have someone to take care of besides me. I’m doing well without the sea, I’d rather work than go on vacation.

How did the quarantine affect you?

Not at all. People have to eat. So, I worked in sales every day. I took all the sanitary measures as needed and worked.

Good! So, even with the loan and interest repayment, you didn’t encounter any problems? Did you take a loan for your business , or maybe equipment?

I already had the equipment. I have four refrigerators and a special water boat at home. I put the compressor on, and the fish stays alive in it. No, I applied for a loan to buy an apartment. Let the property bring income, it is for rent. Then – everything will remain in the family.

Do you have much left to repay?

Initially I had 600,000, and now, until the new year, I have 200,000 left. Sometimes I even pay in advance, and Microinvest rewards me in its own way for this *. As soon as I pay the full amount, I will take another loan from Microinvest. I won’t say for what now, but I have an idea to expand the business. I think I’ll do it until the new year. I really appreciate Microinvest help in the business. I was called from the banks with loan offers proposals, but I prefer to work only with Microinvest and my Galina, with whom I collaborate from the very beginning.

*Company note: In case of early repayment, the repayment schedule is revised and the final price for the credit is reduced. The company does not charge an early closing fee for agricultural loans.

Does your family help you in your business?

My daughter is a police officer and I also plan to send my niece to work there. My brothers are living in Chisinau, so I manage the business on my own and help my family. I told you, no one thinks I’m over 50, I can still work and work.

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