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Credit is like a puzzle – everything should be in its place

Who doesn’t like puzzles? It is very important to assemble everything correctly and not lose a single detail, otherwise, the picture will not work out. It’s the same with loans. It is difficult to find an offer that suits you in all respects – with an adequate price, the required amount, a suitable term and minimum collateral, and at the right time. It’s nice when you find a lender who is willing to offer you a flexible financing solution, fully tailored to your needs and capabilities.

This way we lend at Microinvest, the only organization in Moldova with the Smart Campaign’s international Client Protection Certificate, where you will find SUITABLE financial products. Do you need a loan for personal needs, business development, buying a car, or an apartment? Whatever the purposes of the loan are, we offer favorable conditions for each of them, and, most importantly, we take care that the proposed product fits you completely, like parts of a puzzle to each other.

The best proof that we are doing everything right are satisfied and loyal customers who reached their goals on time.

“Microinvest’s offer was the best fit for my type of business.”

Nicolae Gorgan, a professional photographer, has seen for himself that at Microinvest, all financial products are formed individually. He applied to Microinvest for a loan to buy new equipment and says he made the best choice of all the financial products he had used before. A credit officer analyzed the needs of Nicolae and offered an attractive and suitable loan.

“Before I applied to Microinvest, I already had experience in lending with other financial institutions, and I knew exactly what I needed. Microinvest experts were very attentive, made me a favorable offer, tailored to my type of business and needs and, what impressed me, I got a decision in just 10 minutes. A person is interesting by nature, he/she wants to feel understood and protected, to do what he/she intended to do HERE and NOW. I benefited greatly from Microinvest financing, which was fully tailored to my needs. I was able to purchase new equipment and develop as a professional photographer.”

Read the entire success story of Nicolae Gorgan on the Our Client Stories page.

As with Nicolae, we work effectively with all Microinvest clients throughout the lending process and, most importantly, they receive the right product format, tailored to their individual needs and capabilities. Because at Microinvest, we like to “put together” successful financial puzzles, and we want every client to feel secure and confident in their decisions.

Choose a lender who cares about you.