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[:ro]Microinvest se implică în educația financiară a populației[:]

Microinvest Contributes to the Financial Education of Population

Microinvest has been actively involved in improving the financial literacy of the country’s population throughout its activities. Therefore, with great enthusiasm, it joins the “Learn! Give sense to money” project launched by the NBM and NCFM with the Support of the Good Governance Fund of the Great Britain Government.

Over the next two months, on the Company’s website and its social media pages, you will find information about what a loan is and how to protect yourself from over-indebtedness, understand the financial system of the Republic of Moldova and learn how to increase incomes from your own investments. The information will also be available on the web pages of the organizers:, and and on the Facebook profile of the project “Learn! Give sense to money” –, as well as on other social media platforms.

Responsible lending is the main principle of our Company’s activities,” said Dumitru Svinarenco, Chief Executive Director of Microinvest. — “We strive to improve the welfare of the country’s population as a whole, which is only possible by simplifying access to financial resources along with financial literacy.