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Microinvest Launches the Borrow Wisely Campaign for the 5th Time

Microinvest launches the Borrow Wisely! campaign under the auspices of the  Microfinance Centre, which unites 113 organizations around the world. Throughout October, customers who have visited representative offices, website or social media pages of the Company will receive information on how to calculate the optimal loan contribution based on family income, what is the price of the loan, how important it is to read the loan agreement carefully before signing it and where to address in case of questions or disputes.

Individuals and business customers will be able to pass a test to check the financial stability of their families and businesses. Answers to a dozen questions will help to assess the “financial health” and get advice on how to improve it.

The campaign is held for the 6th year in a row and Microinvest is the only organization in Moldova supporting this initiative for the past 5 years. Last year, the campaign’s messages reached more than 300,000 people from 16 countries in Europe and Central Asia.

“The lending market in Moldova is very large. There are about 200 non-bank credit institutions and each of them is fighting for the client, offering all sorts of discounts, bonuses, and gifts. It is difficult to examine a diversity of these offers for a common man, especially without knowledge of the principles of the loan price formation. Mandatory informing of the client about the effective interest rate, which reflects the real cost of the loan, partially solves this problem, but, unfortunately, not all clients ask about it, moreover, the approach in calculating and presenting information is different. There are a lot of things besides the loan cost, like guarantee, collateral, down payment, and currency of the loan. We want people to borrow consciously, understanding all conditions and the final cost of the loan, therefore we constantly invest in financial education,” said Olga Podfigurnaia, Head of the Business Department.

Besides, Microinvest will hold several free awareness-raising workshops for employees of various companies. If you and your employees want to learn how to handle with borrowed funds competently, call 022 801 701 or write to

Do not let debts guide your life, borrow wisely. Learn more.



BORROW WISELY Campaign is an information campaign organized by the Microfinance Center, an international organization promoting financial education and contributing consumer protection. Microinvest is the only company in Moldova participating in this campaign, which is supported by 24 organizations from 16 countries.

Microinvest is a non-bank credit institution with foreign capital, which has been operating in Moldova since 2003. According to the National Commission of Financial Market, Microinvest is the largest NCO in Moldova.

The Company is a reliable partner for individuals and small business, offering flexible and timely financing to its customers. Microinvest is a reliable partner.


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