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Microinvest Officially Opens its New Representative Office in Cahul

On April 19, Microinvest will officially open its representative office in Cahul. The new office located on blvd. Republicii 15/5, has a convenient parking space visible to the residents of the city.

Last year, the Company has started rebranding of its representative offices following the new concept of customer service and approach. “We aim not only to renovate the Company logo but to completely reorganize our locations. For us, it is important that people feel comfortable in a spacious and comfortable office.

Acquaintance with our customers starts directly in their territory: we go to meetings, visit the customers and analyze their business; we try to do everything to save time – an important resource for both business owners and individuals. For this reason, we invite them to visit us to get the best impressions, by creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere”, said Dmitri Svinarenco, the Executive Director of the Company.

In the new office, we separated service areas for consultations, making them more modern and comfortable. The new representation office is much brighter, more spacious and the customers feel more comfortable in it.

Microinvest invites the clients, partners, and residents of the city to visit the official opening event, which will take place on April 19, at 14:00 at the address: 15/5 Republicii blvd., Cahul.


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