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One More Office of Microinvest was Renovated in Accordance with New Corporate Design Standards

On May 30, the branch of Microinvest situated in Botanica district of the capital began its work in a renovated office.  The office is located on 23/2 Decebal Prospect, can be easily noticed by the residents of the city and has comfortable parking places.

“We are very proud of this particular office. We managed to renew an old, low-bayed space into a comfortable, modern, accessible and stylish office. It wasn’t a easy mission, that is why the final result is valuable to us ” says Dmitry Svinarenko, Executive Director of the Company.

“We continue to renovate our offices in accordance with the new concept of customer so that to make our staff and visitors feel comfortable.”

The new office has open and convenient cash banking and waiting areas and separated modern meeting rooms. The location is quite spacious and light and professional and polite staff which is always ready to offer various lending options so that customers feel more comfortable in such environment.

Microinvest is open for clients from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday at: 23/2 Decebal Avenue, Chisinau. Phone: 022 801 701.


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