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Repayment of Loans Borrowed from Microinvest through Qiwi Terminals

Dear customers, we came with excellent news.

Now individuals can repay loans borrowed from Microinvest also through Qiwi terminals. Over 600 payment terminals are available for you throughout the country for free.

You can find the addresses of the terminals here –

In order to repay loan at Qiwi payment terminals you need to:

1. Indicate IDNO and the mobile number from the Microinvest base; if necessary you can change the number at any time, calling to the Call Center of the Company: 022 801 701

2. After logging in, choose the loan you want to repay


3. Enter banknotes and make a loan monthly payment. You can deposit a larger amount than the loan monthly payment, which will be credited as advance.

4. The service is only available to individuals.

5. Please note that loan repayment can also be made at Microinvest representative offices, as well as at FinComBank, MAIB and Victoriabank cash desks.

Thank you for your trust.

The Microinvest team


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