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Corina and Gheorghe Vicol

Microinvest’s loan officers are unusual people. It seems that the financiers have to be very serious, non smiling, breviloquent people,  on first name terms with the numbers, and on formal terms with the clients, spending their time from eight in the morning until five in the evening in the office, as it should be for […]

Negruță Viorel

I grew up in the countryside and I have always respected the work of farmers and harvest given by soil, so I did not have any doubts when it was time to choose my field of activity. My family and I started to grow plums, in an 8 ha orchard. We have extended our orchard […]

Theodor Mayr

I come from Austria and my childhood dream was to build my house and make wooden furniture by myself. This is how I decided to explore timbering. I have not only fulfilled my dream of building my own home, I got even more – I have started my own business. Initially, I was dealing with […]

Gatman Valentina

I work as a librarian in my home village. This is what I studied and I have worked in this field all my life. I am thankful that I have a job at home, but my income is too small to make savings. When the time came to repair my house and I did not […]

Zmeu Ilie

Cars were my passion since childhood. I started working from the age of 19, and since then I have realized that my dream is to run my own car service and to become the best in the field. I started working in a car service, where I learned what it means to work with cars. […]

Gîndea Oleg

We started growing flowers in 2004, on a plot near the house – in 3 small greenhouses. We decided to make this our basic activity, because we wanted a decent living in our country. Thus, we managed to build 3 more greenhouses with flowers in a field on the hill. In 2015, we got other […]