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21 years of loans for hardworking people. And this is just the beginning! #21YearsMI

21 years of experience, is it a lot or is it a little? It is certainly an important age, marked by numerous transformations, experiences, and challenges, but also brimming with motivation for growth and development. For Microinvest, 21 years is like an exam, For Microinvest, 21 years is like an exam, complicated but so long-awaited, in which we once again demonstrate our outstanding achievements and continuous commitment to evolution and innovation.

For 21 years, we have traversed numerous stages to become what we are today – the leading non-banking lending organization in Moldova. Our portfolio exceeds 4.9 billion MDL, serving over 204 000 satisfied clients nationwide. Our unique approach to the financial market of Moldova has positioned us as the top entity in the non-banking sector and the fifth within the broader financial and banking market.

From hardworking people for hardworking people

One of the most important achievements, which is the basis of Microinvest’s success all this time is undoubtedly our team. At this milestone age, our team is larger and stronger than ever, and together, we continue to improve every year. We are #MiTeam people, embodying a unique culture centered around opportunity, results, and teamwork.

And we don’t stop there! Here are just some of our achievements:

  • We provide loans tailored for small and medium enterprises, including agricultural businesses, with amounts up to MDL 3 500 000 available without collateral, with quick decision, personalized and transparent conditions.
  • We extend our support to families across the country by offering loans up to MDL 300 000 without collateral. Our aim is to empower families to enhance their living conditions and embrace a better quality of life starting today.
  • To date, Microinvest has attracted over 370 million euros, money that has been used to finance local businesses, including the agricultural sector and economic development.
  • Microinvest is the only financial organization in Moldova to hold the international GOLD certificate in client protection. This means a transparent lending process, responsible financing and a constructive approach to every client’s request.
  • We are leaders in personal and business car financing. If you are also planning to get a car, we can provide you with the necessary financial support.
  • We boast a network of over 1 500 partner stores across the country, where customers have the opportunity to purchase the necessary products in installments for both business and personal needs.
  • More recently, our clients have the opportunity to access loans 100% online in the new Microinvest personal cabinet. Also this year, our new application will be launched, through which lending at Microinvest will become faster and more comfortable.

What awaits us in the coming years? Certainly, more changes, which we will face with the same confidence, courage and strength. Our commitment remains steadfast: to support entrepreneurs and families nationwide. We will persist in our responsible and transparent lending practices. Moreover, we are committed to our ongoing growth and to actively contributing to the development of our dedicated and hardworking clients.

Dear colleagues, partners, clients and all those who are with Microinvest, we thank you for the involvement of each one in our great goal – to offer responsible financial solutions and participate in the social and economic development of our country.

Happy birthday, Microinvest! To as many achievements as possible!


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