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60 days? Find out the details of the most long-awaited OFFER from Microinvest

REPAIR is so long-awaited event, but full of problems, calculations, and budgets… The list could be extended indefinitely unless you come across an offer that will postpone unpleasant troubles and allow you to realize all your plans. Microinvest announces a 60-day loan repayment siesta so that you can fully devote yourself to repairs. 60 days? Yea, you heard right – you take out a loan today and start paying only after 60 days. Let us tell you in detail about this hot offer.

60 days is the break that matters

When it comes to repairs, the number one problem is costs. Namely, the discrepancy between the budget and the list of necessary repairs in the house or apartment. We have a great offer that everyone has been waiting for. In Microinvest you can take out a loan for repairs now, and start paying only after 60 days. We offer up to MDL 200,000 without collateral and repayment holidays to make sure that nothing distracts you from the repair.

In addition, loans for repairs from Microinvest have many more advantages:

  1. You can choose any amount: from MDL 2,000 to MDL 400,000.
  2. Term: up to 7 years.
  3. No hidden fees.
  4. You can apply online and get a decision within 15 minutes.
  5. Only an identity card is required.

Easier than ever. And most importantly: very, very PROFITABLE. Hurry up to start the long-awaited repair with Microinvest. The offer is limited.

Microinvest – loans for hard-working people.


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