Up to MDL 2 000 000 without collateral


For example, you want to buy a harvester worth MDL 1 500 000, this whole amount you can borrow, using the purchased equipment as collateral. You do not need to make a first payment or look for additional assets for collateral.

  • We will find a solution for collateral that will suit you
  • Up to MDL 2 000 000 you can take a loan without collateral
  • If the collateral is required, you can leave what is convenient for you: equipment, transport, storage facilities, etc.

Find out how much you can get without collateral.
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    A 9 months grace period


    It is important for us that the loan repayment does not affect the dynamics of your business, you do not need to adjust the sale of the crop to the loan repayment schedule. Sell profitably and pay when it is convenient for you.

    • You can borrow now and start paying only after 9 months
    • Or pay once in 3 months
    • Or only 3 months per year

    Call 022 801 701 or leave your number and we will tailor your repayment schedule.


      Minimum efforts on your part

      • We come ourselves anywhere in the country
      • We conduct financial analysis and offer the optimal amount that will help to realize your idea or solve the current problem
      • We ourselves fill out all the papers. You do not need to prepare a folder, business plan and make copies of all books and records
      • You only come for money

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        Free credit limit


        The credit limit is the maximum amount you can get during the year. For example, your credit limit is MDL 1 000 000, you can take a loan for the entire amount today or take MDL 500 000 today, and in a week, in a month or even in half a year take another MDL 500 000. You will receive any amount within the approved credit limit within 2 hours.

        • We conduct financial analysis and set up a credit limit
        • Approval and maintenance of the credit limit is free of charge
        • During the year you borrow at any time, any amount within the credit limit
        • Without additional documents, financial analyses and stress
        • You save your time and can make the necessary transactions, being sure that the money will be credited to the account within two hours

        Find out the credit limit of your business now -call 022 801 701 or


          Example of calculation of purchasing a tractor on credit


          The purchase of a new tractor will reduce the maintenance costs for the used equipment or for the lease of the technique, will increase the speed of the technological processing of the land, will be more comfortable for the employees and in the end you won’t depend on anyone.
          For example, the real value of a tractor of 300 000 lei, taken in credit for 3 years, will be 17 500 lei for a cultivation area of 50 hectares.

          • The cost of the tractor - 300 000 lei
          • Interest rate - 145 000 lei
          • Subvention - 75 000 lei
          • The subsidy of the interest paid - 52 500 lei
          • Minimum savings per hectare in the case of leased technology - approximately 1900 MDL / year for all planned operations
          • Total expenses = the cost of the tractor (300 000) + interest rate (145 000) – subventions (127 500) - savings (285 000) = 17 500 lei.
          • The calculations are indicative and have no legal power.

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            Eduard Bordeinîi


            Initially, we took credits in a bank, after which we learned about Microinvest. Its expert paid us a visit, saw what we did and soon came up with a solution suitable for our needs. To say that we are satisfied is an understatement. At the first credit, we were worried, but now we think that if someone had advised us to take out a loan earlier, it would be better. 

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            Acbaș Valentina

            Interviu cu Acbaș Valentina, antreprenoare din Găgăuzia. Materialul a fost pregătit în cadrul proiectului de susținere a afacerilor de către compania de creditare Microinvest.

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            Gheorghe Jurcanu

            De la un medic veterinar , la un agricultor cu 850 de hectare de pământ în proprietatea sa. Este povestea de viață a lui Gheorghe Jurcanu, bărbatul care acum 20 de ani și-a investit toți banii în agricultură, iar acum culege roada. Din cele două decenii de antreprenoriat, 15 ani bărbatul colaborează cu Microinvest. În acest timp, el s-a convins că în Moldova poți face agricultură profitabilă, dacă ai parteneri de încredere.

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            Alexandru Svistunov

            Interviu cu Alexandru Svistunov, GT Svistunov Alexander. Materialul a fost pregătit în cadrul proiectului de susținere a afacerilor de către compania de creditare Microinvest.

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            Cazac Efim


            Am apelat la Microinvest, pentru că am fost tratați cu încredere și ne-au intrat în situație. Pe lângă procente și comisioane avantajoase, pentru noi contează, ca totul să fie cât mai rapid și simplu. Am primit creditul în trei zile, ceea ce la bănci e practic imposibil. Microinvest vede creditele ca pe o colaborare, respectă fiecare client și oferă soluții potrivite.


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            Vladimir Seregov

            Coproprietar al Gospodăriei Țărănești „Școlnic Simion”

            From the first year, I understood that investments in agriculture are profitable, so after a thorough analysis, I also requested the first credits. It was at this stage that we started working together with Microinvest to purchase agricultural land and necessary equipment. It is a pleasure to work with them, they are very responsible and reliable. Most importantly, everything is fast and secure, without much red tape.

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            Lungu Veаceslav


            Agriculture requires ongoing investments, and Microinvest has simplified the financing process due to its flexibility and the minimal package of documents, which is essential and critical for agriculture. We are long-time customers of Microinvest and have already established mutual trust. We are sure that Microinvest employees will always offer us the best solution based on our needs.

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            Nazarenco Vadim

            Creșterea legumelor în sere, magazin alimentar

            After an attempt to work with banks, we decided to take a loan from Microinvest. We were surprised that a MDL 500,000 loan is offered without collateral and that we received the money in the shortest time possible. A loan from Microinvest is the fastest solution when you are under time pressure and face many other challenges. In times of crisis, when options are limited, we turn to an expert from Microinvest.

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            Casîm Dmitrii


            With the support from Microinvest I purchased a tractor and a seeding machine. I would like to mention one of the company’s products – the credit limit. I have not met such a product before and in my opinion it is an advantage in lending process. I recommend to all my partners the financial support from Microinvest.

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            Gîndea Oleg

            Flowering in greenhouses

            I got all this because of my family, which is my daily stimulus, and because of the Microinvest team, who provided me with money to make all my plans come true. I will continue to work with them, because of competence of the people who work there, of facilities offered to me as a farmer and for having obtained all the credits without any collateral.

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