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Don't “juggle” several credits. Refinance them at Microinvest

Imagine that the month has just started, and you have two, three or even four loans to pay. It is difficult and very troublesome. You want it to be a dream, but that’s reality. There is a solution – a new product from Microinvest, REFINANCING. All your loans will be combined into one; it will become easier to pay, and even less. We’ll take care of closing your loans with other institutions and save you the hassle so you can rest assured of your financial security.

There are many advantages of refinancing. This is the best way to manage your monthly loan payments efficiently and easily. Especially if you turn to a responsible lender that cares about its customers, like Microinvest. All you have to do is apply online or at the nearest office in your area, where our colleagues will help you choose the best financial solution for you and your family.

Five reasons to refinance loans at Microinvest

Rule number one, if you want to take advantage of loans, treat them responsibly. That is, to be sure that you can pay on time and not get into trouble. But sometimes, when you need money urgently, it’s hard to take everything into account. And when you calculate afterwards how much you pay for all your loans, it gives you goosebumps. That is why Microinvest created REFINANCING.

What does refinancing mean? Basically, it’s a regular loan with which you pay off all your current loans with other institutions to pay for just one, with a longer term and at a lower cost. At Microinvest, the refinancing procedure is easier than ever and completely saves you the hassle. You no longer need to set up multiple reminders on your phone, deal with complicated calculations and look for convenient ways to pay.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons to apply for refinancing loans at Microinvest:

  1. The loan amount is 400,000 lei for up to 4 years.
  2. The dicision is made in just 15 minutes.
  3. No need to go around all the institutions, we’ll close the loans for you.
  4. You choose the due date and payment schedule.
  5. 0% commission for the loan issue and the best terms.

Leave a lot of credits and hassles in the past, refinance with Microinvest. Apply for loan refinancing directly on our website or at any office in 14 regions of the country.

Microinvest – loans for hardworking people.


Calculation example

For a loan of MDL 100,000 for 12 months, the annual interest rate will be 8.5%, the disbursement fee – 0%, and the monthly administration fee – 2%, calculated on the daily credit balance. Thus, the monthly instalment will make MDL 9,879.26. The total value to be paid on expiration of the loan agreement is MDL 118,551.21; the effective interest rate is 37.8%.

Remember that the loan is issued for a fixed term, and it is mandatory for payment.


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