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Eduard Bordeinii “Being a Fruit Grower is a Pride. We Make People’s Lives Sweeter.”

The Taul village in Donduseni district is known for the largest park in Southeastern Europe, the famous Pommer mansion, but also for the imposing number of farmers specialized in different agricultural fields. Love for nature and rich fruits has been cultivated for years in the Center of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies. Here, the best farmers from Moldova are trained. The processed fields around the village firmly demonstrate that the lands in Taul have an imposing value, and agriculture is the first and most important occupation.

Eduard Bordeinii is one of the young people passionate about everything that means agriculture, who chose to continue the occupation that he inherited from his parents and grandfathers – fruit growing. When we got to Taul, agricultural works were in full swing. Farmers picked the last apples of the season, ready for export. With the help of investments and Microinvest financial support, today the “Eduard Bordeinii” peasant household incorporates over 24 hectares of orchards, processed according to European standards, and the fruit grower does not intend to stop here, the future plans are just as great.

“People have always dealt with orchards in Taul. We have it in our blood.”

The history of their family business began 20 years ago when Eduard’s parents decided to unite the farmland allotments inherited from their parents and try their luck in fruit growing. Each year, they invested profit received from the sale of the fruits in other lands and trees. Thus, they began to expand, with small but confident steps. While being a child Eduard loved orchards and spend almost all of his childhood in the fields. After graduating from the Chisinau Agrarian University, without hesitation, he returned to Taul to continue what his parents had begun.

“Within 20 years, our orchard has grown from 1 hectare to 20 hectares of apples, 3 hectares of plums, and 1 hectare of cherries. We cultivate more than 8 varieties of apples, which begin bearing fruit from summer and until late autumn. Among the most popular varieties are Prima Ruj, Discovery, Gala, Pinova, Champion, Jonagold, Idared, and Simirenco. Plum and cherry orchards are younger and we’ll be able to take in the full harvest only in a few years. We have all the necessary specialists. We advise and support each other. We love what we do; orchards are our source of inspiration and income. That’s why we tend to expand them every year,” told us Eduard, as he introduced us to one of his orchards, where workers carefully picked red and mouthwatering apples.

“Fruit growing without investment is impossible. If you don’t give the tree what it needs, it doesn’t bear fruits.”

To care for the orchards according to European standards, Eduard turned to a youth project, with the help of which he was able to buy all the necessary equipment and technique. Eight years ago, he decided to start working with Microinvest as well and became one of the loyal customers of the Company. In the field of fruit growing, investments are mainly made for the acquisition of new lands, trees, chemicals, fertilizers and machinery. Eduard Bordeinii said that he chose Microinvest for the advantageous loan payment schedule and operational efficiency. In agriculture, these criteria are paramount.

“Initially, we took credits in a bank, after which we learned about Microinvest. Its expert paid us a visit, saw what we did and soon came up with a solution suitable for our needs. To say that we are satisfied is an understatement. At the first credit, we were worried, but now we think that if someone had advised us to take out a loan earlier, it would be better. If you’re not responsible, it’s risky. Sometimes nature is playing tricks. There were years when hail destroyed all the fruit. Then, we asked for refinancing and closed the previous credit, and repayment of the new one we divided over a longer period. If everything goes well, this year we hope to close the last credit. However, we plan to take other credits, for other purposes,” says Eduard confidently.

Plans for the future: a refrigerator, a high-performance dropper, and new varieties of stone fruits.

The main problem of Moldovan farmers is the production and export of fruit at an advantageous price, which would allow them to redeem their investments. The Bordeinii family sells their apples through intermediaries, in Russia and Romania, and the price is not always the most advantageous. More recently, they have also started selling apples to refrigerator owners, who can store them and put them on sale in the spring, when the price is several times higher. From here came the idea of building their own refrigerator, to keep the fruit for a longer period.

“We have big expansion plans. The first of them is to build an artesian well and a performance dropper. With each year, the weather is more unpredictable, dry summers. Don’t mess with nature. We do not want to take risks and be left without fruit. We also plan to build a refrigerator for storing summer apples. In August and September export to Russia does not go at all, and the varieties that bear fruit then go only for juice, if they are not stored in refrigerators. We plan to store plums and cherries also in the refrigerators. Of course, we want to explore new varieties of stone orchards, like apricots. For the realization of these plans, we shall also apply to Microinvest, they understand us best,” told us Eduard Bordeinii.

Finally, we asked Eduard the same common question, which we give to all our clients: “What is the secret that helps to turn credit into an advantage?” The answer was simple: work. “We are not afraid of work or risk. Nature loves dedicated and hardworking people. If you know how to invest with your head and do everything for good fruit, you will certainly be successful. You just need to find a partner, who will help you realize your plans with confidence, such as Microinvest,” says hopefully the fruit grower.


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