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Microinvest launches the BORROW WISELY! CAMPAIGN

From October 2, 2017, Microinvest announced the official start of the BORROW WISELY! Campaign – the financial education campaign lasting one month, aimed primarily at existing and potential clients. The campaign is organized under the aegis of the Microfinance Center – an international organization that promotes global client protection standards and financial education. Besides Microinvest in Moldova, the campaign involves organizations from 14 countries, including Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Tajikistan,and Ukraine.

The BORROW WISELY! Campaign includes a simple “pre-loan” checklist of questions that clients should ask themselves before taking out a loan, to ensure that only borrow safe and responsible levels of debt. Microinvest believes that financial education is important in the decision-making process of the client when taking a loan, which is why he chooses to be an active participant in the campaign for three years in a row.

Throughout the campaign, which runs throughout October, Microinvest employees will actively organize an information campaign for existing and potential clients, using presentations, leaflets and brochures. They will answer basic questions such as: How much can I afford to borrow? Do I know how much I will pay? Do I understand all the provisions of the loan agreement?

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