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“Loans are the engine of growth and innovation for any entrepreneur and business” – Ion Clima, entrepreneur, Microinvest client

A successful business is built on hard work, dedication, and trust, as well as on partners who are ready to support you at the right moment. Clariador SRL, a business launched 17 years ago by entrepreneur Ion Clima, a Microinvest client, is a good example. It all started with a strong desire to start his own business in his home country after years of working abroad. He chose a promising field, invested in process development and quality equipment, and today his company is one of the leaders in innovative screed solutions.

Discover the success story of entrepreneur Ion Clima, a Microinvest client.

Ion, you have over 17 years of experience in business. What motivated you to start, and how did you turn the initial idea into a successful project?

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My parents worked in trade for a long time, and watching their dedication, I began to dream of having my own business. After working abroad for many years and accumulating a considerable amount of money, I decided to return to Moldova and realize my purposes at home. I started a mechanized floor screeding business, which sounds complicated, but I felt it was a promising field with potential for growth. It began with a few small machines, and after a while, I had 12 high-performance machines. This is how I founded Clariodor SRL.

What are the main services offered by Clariodor SRL, and how do you differ from other companies operating in this niche?

We specialize in high-quality mechanized screeds suitable for all types of homes, offices, warehouses, and other spaces. Our screeds not only provide a quality finish but also guarantee durability and aesthetic appeal. We operate throughout the Republic of Moldova and can cover up to 10,000 square meters per day. We adapt to the requirements of each client, offering customized solutions based on budget and desired quality. Regardless of the project, we strive to turn any idea into reality.

Tell us about the machines you use. How important is equipment to a successful business, especially in your niche?

Equipment plays a key role in any business, especially when it comes to modern floor screeding solutions. Thanks to the innovative technology we use, we can simplify the processes of screed delivery, mixing, and pumping with a single vehicle, eliminating the need for a separate machine. This allows us to reduce costs and eliminate the complexities associated with traditional screed methods. The human element is totally eliminated from the process – the operator only needs to press the “start” button. It’s important to note that everything is left completely clean after the job is complete. The machine is loaded with sand, cement, fiber, and plasticizer. The automatic system adjusts the necessary quantities and mixes the materials. At the work site, hoses are laid out and the screed is poured, ensuring that the task is completed efficiently and with high quality.

What is your opinion about loans? How do they influence business development?

Loans are a helping hand for businesses, without which it is impossible to grow. I understand that many people may disagree and that different situations exist, but to turn loans into an advantage, it is important to manage them correctly and pay on time. Without loans, my business would not have reached its current level. They can be used to invest in new equipment, thereby expanding the business and creating new jobs. Essentially, loans are the engine of growth and innovation for any entrepreneur and business.

What was your experience with Microinvest? What goals did you achieve with the financing?

I found out about Microinvest through social media. The expert who now assists me contacted me several times to arrange a meeting, and I appreciated his persistence. If an employee believes in the services of the company he represents, then those services are worthy of consideration. At the same time, I found equipment at a very favorable price, but the seller demanded the full amount, which I did not have. I realized that other financial institutions would require a lot of documents, and the process would take too long. With Microinvest, I received the money in a few days, which I really appreciate. In cooperation with Microinvest, everything is simple and fast, and most importantly, personalized and timely. Time is very valuable for an entrepreneur, and you need to be able to prioritize properly to manage everything.

What is the secret to a successful business in Moldova? What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs to achieve success?

Any young person who wants to start a business should be prepared to take risks. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan, and at such times you have to make the right decisions and not be afraid of challenges. I really like the phrase “he who doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne. ” It is important to have the courage to adapt and find innovative solutions when faced with different challenges. Every failure is a valuable lesson and a step forward. Additionally, young entrepreneurs should not be afraid of hard work. At the beginning of my journey, I used to carry 25-liter jerry cans of gasoline along with the workers. I did not sleep at night, thinking that I had to achieve my goals. All these efforts led me to where I am today. In business, success comes to those who do not give up and continue to fight for their goals despite the difficulties.

*Microinvest is the only financial organization in Moldova that holds the international GOLD certificate in the field of customer protection. This signifies a responsible and transparent lending process, fair and transparent financing, and a constructive approach to any request.


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