Clear and adequate products

Credit is like a puzzle – everything should be in its place

Who doesn’t like puzzles? It is very important to assemble everything correctly and not lose a single detail, otherwise, the picture will not work out. It’s the same with loans. It is difficult to find an offer that suits you in all respects – with an adequate price, the required amount, a suitable term and minimum collateral, and at the right time.

This way we lend at Microinvest, where you will find SUITABLE financial products.

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Avoiding excessive debt

Responsible credit is primarily a BALANCE to avoid excessive debt

The number one reason people are afraid of credit is that they will fall into the “black” debt hole. Undoubtedly, any loan is a great responsibility and can be compared to equilibrium. You have to keep your balance and calculate every move to do what you want to do without incidents.

At Microinvest, we take care of you and ensure balanced cooperation.

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Transparent conditions

Agreement is your best friend in lending

Sometimes, signing a loan agreement is like choosing a watermelon on the market. At first glance, it seems beautiful and ripe. But when you come home, you may well be in for an unpleasant surprise – loose flesh, and lots of seeds.

Well, at Microinvest you will never find yourself in this situation because we care about our customers’ positive lending experiences.

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Responsible prices

A low loan price does not always guarantee the best offer

Who doesn’t like discounts and low prices? It’s the same with loans. In the pursuit of minimum rates, we forget that 0% does not always mean FREE. We also forget that the price of a loan consists not only of the interest rate but also of other costs, not always objective.

At Microinvest, the only non-bank lending institution in Moldova with the Smart international Client Protection Certificate, we set prices for loans responsibly and offer our clients the best conditions.

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Respectful treatment

We don’t have VIP credits – we treat everyone with respect

On a plane, in a hotel, or bank we all face the situation of dividing customers into VIP (business) or ECONOM. It is not very fair and frustrating – everyone wants to be treated up to par regardless of the cost of the service or product.

At Microinvest, we treat each client with correctness and respect, regardless of how he/she looks and whether he/she is an individual or an entrepreneur.

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Data confidentiality


Imagine that you told something valuable to your friend, and he “shared” your secrets with everyone around. You’ll feel betrayed , won’t you? It’s the same with personal data. The companies you work with must be process your data correctly.

At Microinvest, we assure you that your personal data are as safe as in a safe deposit box. We shall not bother you with spam or unnecessary messages and give you what you need and when you need it.

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Handling complaints

The unclear situation resolved today will only benefit you over time

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and interesting advertising can be and how unpleasant and difficult situations are when you’re unhappy with a product? Surely, you’ve had cases of returning goods to the store and it was also accompanied by all sorts of explanations as to why it could not be done.

At Microinvest, we are always striving to become better, from products to service methods.

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