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Microinvest Inaugurates the Newly Renovated Office in Balti

On February 21, Microinvest will inaugurate its representation office in Balti.

The recently renovated office, visible and accessible for the clients, is located in the central area, namely in 27/1 Ștefan cel Mare Street.

The headquarters is provided with special areas for customer service, spacious and convenient counters, which also ensures a discreet service process.

For consulting clients, separate spaces have been set up to provide confidentiality and the possibility of free communication with the Company’s credit experts.

Microinvest network throughout the country is undergoing the modernization process, which aims to offer a new exterior appearance to the No.1 Company on the microfinance market in the Republic of Moldova. In the last two years, the Company has managed to renovate, besides its central office, 8 of the 13 offices, and another 6 will change their image in the next 2 years.

“We intend to completely reorganize our offices. Comfort of the customer and the staff is one of the Company’s priorities, an aspect that influences the perception of the brand and the customer experience with our services,” said Dumitru Svinarenco, the Executive Director of the Company.


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