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Microinvest – the only company in Moldova to obtain “Smart” client protection certification

Microinvest company is proud to be the only institution in the Republic of Moldova to obtain “Smart” client protection certification for the second time, managing to go through all stages of recertification process and confirming once again its commitment and responsibility towards customers.

“Smart” campaign is a global effort to implement the best client protection practices in microfinance industry. More than 100 financial institutions serving over 42 millions of customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America implemented standards employed by the campaign. The purpose of “Smart Campaign” is to provide a seal of confidence that a financial institution carries out a fair and just lending process and protects clients at the stage of obtaining and servicing a loan, as well as throughout future collaboration. Certification process aims to check the company and ensure that its activity meets 7 principles listed below:

  • appropriate product design,
  • prevention of over-indebtedness,
  • transparency,
  • responsible pricing,
  • respectful treatment of customers,
  • privacy of customer data,
  • mechanisms for resolution of complaints.


“Lending is an important step for each of our customers, it grows into a partnership 2, 5 or even 10 years long. Microinvest is a „trustworthy partner”. „A trustworthy partner” means “precise”, „honest and open”, “adequate and objective”. SMART certification principles provide a possibility to analyze processes within the company from our customers’ perspective and to offer qualitative and reliable services”, declared Dumitru Svinarenco, Executive Director of Microinvest.


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