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Mihail Ciubuc: “Grant for Business” at Microinvest helped me to purchase goods for a new store.

Entrepreneur Mihail Ciubuc from the village of Cosnita opens a new store of household appliances in the Criuleni district.

Mihail told us that he had worked as a Sales Manager for eight years, and in 2015 he decided to continue the business of his parents, who already had two stores at the time. Soon Mihail is opening a new store, the goods for which he purchased thanks to the loan from Microinvest’s “Grant for Your Business” program.

“I decided to use my accumulated experience in sales and open my own business, develop business in the regions of Moldova. Just the other day we are opening a new home appliance and furniture store in the Mascauti village. I was lucky with the vendors who provided all the goods at a good price. I needed an advance payment, but there were no problems with that either. I took advantage of Microinvest preferential loan under the “Grant for Your Business” program. In Microinvest, the first two months of the loan do not count, and I will be able to use the money for free. The very idea of this product is very beneficial for business – all payments on the loan begin only from the third month and all this time I can use money: invest in business development without any costs. 300,000 lei was given to me during the day and they did not ask me for collateral.”

Mihail Ciubuc noted that the store will have a large assortment of household appliances and furniture.

“You will be able to buy almost everything you need for your home: TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, gas and electric stoves, hoods, irons, microwave ovens, kitchen furniture, and kitchen corner sofas, bedroom furniture, chairs, tables, and so on.”

According to Mihail, when choosing a location for the new store, he evaluated the market and realized that there were no other stores like this in the region.

“The nearest home appliance and furniture store is 30 kilometers away. It is 60 kilometers to Chisinau, and 40 kilometers to Orhei. There are 7 more villages around Mascauti, which are located within a radius of 10 kilometers and people from there will be able to shop in our store. The location is very good.”

Mihail will be waiting for his customers at the Univers store, which is located in the center of Mascauti.



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