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Oleg Popovicenco. In the south of Moldova, there is a high yield of wheat and rapeseed this year.

In the south of Moldova, there is a high yield of wheat and rapeseed this year,” said agricultural producer Oleg Popovicenco. He cultivates 215 hectares of wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, and corn in Doina village, Cahul district.

According to Oleg Popovicenco, now the harvest is in full swing, and the results are very pleasing.

“This year we got 2.5 tons of rapeseed per hectare, and 4.5 tons of wheat. Compared to last year, the harvest is very good. Last year we suffered big losses due to the drought.”

Before the start of harvesting, Oleg Popovicenco invested more than MDL 3.0 million in the purchase of a new combine harvester.

“I have been thinking since the beginning of spring that we need new agricultural machinery on the farm, but after last year’s drought, there were no funds for this. Therefore, when it was time to harvest, I took a loan from Microinvest and bought a combine harvester. For me, a person who works in agriculture, this is convenient. I’d bought the equipment, left it as collateral and immediately started working with it. I already have experience of such work with Microinvest. Before that, I also bought a tractor in the same way.

The agricultural producer noted that he was pleased with the combine harvester, which greatly facilitated work in the field.

“This combine harvester has many advantages. First, the fuel consumption is much lower, and the amount of work performed is greater. It became possible to load grain into the grain hopper and load large grain trucks directly in the field. It has a chopper that eliminates the extra work of harvesting straw. Another advantage is that there is an air conditioner, that saves you from the heat.

The purchase of the new combine harvester allowed Oleg Popovicenco to provide harvesting services on other farms as well.



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