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TOP 4 Christmas and New Year gift ideas from Microinvest partners

It’s so nice to give and receive gifts, especially at Christmas and New Year. The emotions you experience when choosing the perfect gift for your beloved family members, friends, or colleagues are unique. And when you find the gift you’ve long dreamed of under the Christmas tree, you simply turn into a happy little child, whose magical wish, carefully written down in a letter to Santa, has come true. However, in the holiday fever, it’s sometimes quite difficult to find great and useful gifts for the special people in your life.

This year we want to be Santa’s elves and come to your aid with some tips that are sure to be good for you. With over 1200 Microinvest partners you have everything you need for a beautiful and productive year. But that’s not all – you can take advantage of the possibility of paying in installments or credit, so that the winter holidays don’t leave too big hole in your family budget.

So if you’re running out of ideas or haven’t found time for gifts yet – this article is for you. We promise you’ll find that special idea that will surprise your beloved ones.

# 1 Gifts to create a magical atmosphere in home

What’s Christmas like without a tree, lights, and decorations? If you’ve long dreamed of decorating your home and yard like in the famous American movies, this year you can make a special gift for your family. At our partner, EcoCasa, you will find the most beautiful Christmas Divi Trees, 100% produced in Moldova, that will bring the magic of the holidays into your home and heart. You can also find there the most colourful and diverse assortment of tree ornaments and other accessories for a magical and special Christmas.

To bring the festive atmosphere into our customers’ homes, at Divi Trees we work all year round. Our artificial Christmas trees are 100% produced in Moldova, using the most innovative machinery, so that each branch perfectly imitates the branches of natural fir trees. We also work scrupulously on their form, which is a real art.  We have Christmas trees of all price categories, from classic models to designer ones. Fir trees from the American collection are one of the most popular trends. Tall, elegant, and with branches to the ground, they are perfect for modern apartments and showrooms, as well as for families who wish for unusual holiday decor. Divi Trees fir trees are safe for your health, have no annoying odour and are extra fluffy, thanks to customised production technology. In addition, we offer free delivery throughout the country, but also the possibility of payment in installments, with the financial support of Microinvest. To make our customers ‘ holidays more beautiful”, – Denis Tolmaci, Divi Trees Director 

# 2 Exotic gifts for speed and extreme enthusiasts

Gifts you’re sure not to fail with are those related to hobbies. If someone of your beloved ones loves speed, extreme thrills, and adventures, at Motolider, Microinvest partner, you will surely find the right gift. The most modern ATVs, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles for children and adults, amateurs of fans of two-wheeled vehicles. It is not for nothing that the proverb says, “In fair weather prepare for foul.”  You can sit still if you do not have the full amount of money for such a generous gift, because you have the opportunity to purchase it on credit, directly in the store.

“The most popular category of vehicles in winter are ATVs, perfect for off-road rides with unforgettable landscapes. At Motolider, we have ATVs of all price categories, both for children and for adults, who are not afraid of heavy roads, water, mud, and even snow. In addition, we also have a wide range of motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, kick scooters for kids, electric transport and even professional equipment for motorcyclists and cyclists – a mega useful and safe gift for those who love the outdoors, whatever the season. An important benefit for our customers is the financial support offered by Microinvest, which allows them to enjoy the much-desired purchases, even when they do not have the full amount of money”, – Caraman Alexandr, Motolider Sales Manager

#3 Classic and timeless gifts

A gift accessory is the one idea you’re sure not to go wrong with on any holiday, especially Christmas. Despite superstitions, watches can be a useful and beautiful gift for anyone. First of all, because they are chosen personalized, taking into account the individual preferences of people, whether we are talking about women or men. At Neotempo, Microinvest partner, you can find stylish and quality accessories from the best manufacturers. If you are afraid of superstitions, it is enough just to be offered a coin or a banknote in return. As a result, everyone will be happy and calm on the eve of the holidays.

” With every year, the superstition that watches should not be given as gifts becomes less and less actual, especially since so many beautiful models of watches appear, which every man and woman dreams of. At Neotempo we have a huge range of watches from French, Italian and even Swiss manufacturers, for all tastes and budgets. More and more people are opting for mechanical watches – the classic, contemporary and durable models. We have both minimalistic and exotic models, available in the set with different bracelets and straps. Also, in our store customers have a large assortment of wall clocks from one of the best Japanese brands – a perfect gift for any home. If you think you won’t find the right model right away, you can bring your loved ones to our stores. We will help you make the right choice, including installments, on the best terms”, – Veaceslav Vostricov, Neotempo Manager

#4 And most importantly: do not forget that the most precious gift is TIME spent with your beloved ones

In reaching your coveted goals, make time for family and friends. Set aside at least a few minutes a day to see and talk with them, because nothing is more important than the people who give you their time, patience, and love. And if you want to surprise them with holiday gifts, we are ready to offer you the necessary financial support. Microinvest wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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