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What kind of breakfast can energize you for 5 hours? Victoria Gulpe, entrepreneur and Microinvest client, knows the secret

A good-morning begins with a delicious and healthy breakfast. The ideal choice for an energetic start to the day is granola – a magical breakfast prepared in record time, which contains a set of nutrients and vitamins useful for the body, and tasteful for adults and children. Victoria Gulpe, an IT specialist by profession and a mother, fell in love with granola 2 years ago when she started cooking it for her family and loved ones.

She opened new horizons for granola, suggested new recipes and ways to use it, tried dozens of combinations to finally find the perfect combination worthy to be on Moldovans’ tables. Thus, the Granoleya was born– a vitamin bomb and a source of inspiration for the Gulpe family, a Microinvest client. If you haven’t used having breakfast every morning, this article is for you.

Victoria, you are a young mother and have been an entrepreneur for a year already. What prompted you to start your own business and how did it all start?

Yes, for a year now I can say for myself that I am doubly a mom. I discovered granola when I was on maternity leave. It was at this time that my family began to pay more attention to healthy and delicious food. I just fell in love with the taste and aroma of granola. At first, I cooked granola only for my family, in my small oven, and then I began to serve round my friends and relatives. Homemade granola caused a lot of positive emotions, everyone asked me how I made it, and when I told them how healthy it was, everyone was just amazed. It was my loved ones who motivated me to share this with other people. I analyzed the market, tried dozens of types of granola, burned a lot, but found the perfect combination. In March 2021, we managed to enter the market with a new product available in several combinations, under the Granoleya brand.

Everyone is interested in how homemade granola is prepared – the most delicious and healthy breakfast and snack. What secret ingredients does it contain and how do you manage to make it so appetizing?

Granola is a faithful ally of health, recommended by nutritionists around the world for daily consumption. This is a real bomb of vitamins and energy with exceptional taste. It is based on oat flakes mixed with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and various spices. It is easy to prepare – mix oatmeal with nuts and seeds. We use several types of nuts, such as: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, etc. We add spices: cardamom, ginger, and put this mixture in the oven. When it is ready, we add natural honey and dried fruits, and leave it to cool completely. The secret ingredient is love and the pleasure of cooking.

About support at the beginning of entrepreneurial activity. How difficult is it to start business in Moldova?

We carefully analyzed the market before starting our own small business. Granola is not a new product, and in order to succeed, we had to figure out how to stand out. The most important thing is to find partners who believe in your idea and are willing to support its development. Microinvest financially supported our idea, with its help we were able to buy all the necessary equipment for production: a professional oven, stainless steel tables, trays, grates for the oven, a sink. We have also increased the production area. On the new site, we can cook 10 kg of granola per hour, we have a place for cooling and packaging. Here we can also conduct various experiments to discover new flavors and combinations.

You have told us so much about granola that we are already looking forward to trying it. What kinds of granola do you make at Granoleya, in which stores are they available, and how to eat them properly?

Granoleya offers 4 types of granola: classic (with a moderate taste), with coconut chips, with natural chocolate and salty. The latter is based on a mixture of spices, seeds, nuts, paprika, etc. Our customers can order granola online, with delivery throughout the country, as well as abroad, or find it in several stores in Chisinau and regions: Pegas, Sincere, Gospodăria noastră, Lattese, Eco Salad, Arome BIO, and others. It is an authentic and local product perfectly suited, for the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, which is loved both by adults and children.

Please name 5 good reasons not to skip breakfast, especially when exist such delicious and healthy options like granola.

Numerous studies show that people who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of various diseases. That’s why breakfast is a must every morning. Granola has at least 5 reasons to be eaten: it is quickly prepared, it is rich in vitamins and nutrients, contains a variety of ingredients, gives you energy, and is very tasty. Speaking of nutritional value: oats reduce blood cholesterol, nuts reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and fats such as omega-3 are good for the brain. When you start eating it, you become even more interested in the benefits and even notice them in your lifestyle. In addition, it can be eaten not only for breakfast but also for snacks or other meals, combined with milk or natural yogurt, as well as with more complex dishes, such as cream soup or in a salad. I am proud to be able to motivate and help people start living a healthy lifestyle, and I am very grateful to the Microinvest team and my expert in particular for their support in achieving this beautiful goal.

* Microinvest is the only NCO in Moldova that holds SMART International Customer Protection Certificate. This certificate confirms a responsible and transparent lending process based on international principles of customer service.


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