In November 2018, Microinvest, being the only company in Moldova, regained the SMART Campaign Certificate an international confirmation of the responsible approach in lending and the application of high-quality standards in customer service.

The Company’s activities were evaluated by the Smart Campaign International Commission in 2018. This process involved the review of all internal procedures and policies, the procedure for the analysis and repayment of loans, pricing of the Company and compliance with the legal provisions of all its activities. It was a lengthy process based on a detailed and thorough analysis. Representatives of SMART Campaign not only examined the documents remotely, they visited Microinvest to see the actual work process, and also met with many clients of the Company.

Company was certified internationally as an organization fully compliant with the standards of responsible lending and customer protection.

The principles according to which this certificate is awarded coincide with the principles that Microinvest has been guided by for 16 years, namely:

  • proper product format and clear terms – all products are simple and tailored to the needs of customers of different audiences (groups). In order to promote them, the Company does not use aggressive sales methods.
  • prevention of over-indebtedness – the customer’s ability to pay is well calculated from the very beginning to offer a loan that will bring about an improvement in living standards and business development.
  • transparency of contractual provisions – all estimated costs are explained from the very beginning. Terms and prices are presented on the Company’s website and accurately described in the contract; in addition, employees of any branch of the Company are ready to provide quality advice, which is clear to the client in form and presentation.
  • responsible pricing – the price of the loan is set fairly taking into account the market situation and the benefits provided by the Company.
  • fair and respectful attitude – at each stage of the lending process, each client is treated politely and equally in the Company. Any form of discrimination is categorically inadmissible, as is influencing employees through gifts or other forms of remuneration. These principles are set out in the Code of Conduct, which is an internal document that is followed by all employees.
  • data confidentiality – all personal data are processed and protected in accordance with applicable law.
  • effective mechanisms to investigate and resolve complaints – the Company encourages sincere views on any experience related to credit services. Complaints, suggestions or acknowledgements can be transmitted through various channels: by phone, mail, e-mail or anonymously on the Company’s website.

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