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Where do you have lunch today?

How often, in the middle of working day, did you ask yourself where to have lunch today? To go to my favourite cafe or buy culinary in the nearest supermarket. Do I have enough cash in my wallet or are the bank cards accepted in the store?  

Taking care of employees, Microinvest offered them a modern and cost-effective solution – electronic meal vouchers.

“One of the Microinvest’s priorities is to create a pleasant and motivating working environment. We do our best so that our colleagues come to work with pleasure and to be proud of their company, notes Olesea Cobzari, responsible for the HR department of Microinvest. It is important for us that the employees are in good mood, are passionate about their work and we always pay great attention to what may surprise them and be helpful for them. After all, a satisfied employee is doubly loyal to the company. Therefore, we enthusiastically responded to the offer of UP Moldova and implement electronic meal vouchers for our team.”

What are electronic meal vouchers?

The electronic meal voucher is a plastic card with all modern security features, such as pin code and chip, and enables contactless payment. Monthly on this card is transferred the amount of 45 MDL multiplied by the number of working days of the month.  

How and where you can use electronic meal vouchers?

The advantage of the electronic card is that it can be used both: in various eating places and to purchase products in supermarkets. The unused amount remains on the card and the employee can use it for the next 6 months.

Employees can also download an electronic application that will allow them to verify the balance on the card, to receive notifications of the replenishment, current offers and also to see an updated list of stores and eating places.

  • A considerable bonus to the salary  .
  • The employee himself chooses how and where to spend the allocated amount.
  • The transferred amount is not taxed.
  • A wide range of food and supermarkets.
  • Contactless payment.
  • The change remains on the card and can be spent another time.

In 2017, Microinvest became the only company in the financial and banking sector, to which AXA Management Consulting Company awarded the 3rd place in the category of the Best Employer of the Year.

Such a high evaluation shows the effectiveness of the strategy and of the HR tools used in the company. It is the recognition of the company’s desire to provide a pleasant working environment and it contributes to the professional development of its team.

What about your company? How does it take care of you?


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