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5 important steps in the electrical installation of a new home

It’s hard to imagine even a day without ELECTRICITY, and the first stage of a home repair from scratch starts with choosing and installing electrical equipment. Volta, our partner for years, knows best how to equip your home with quality electrical products and is ready to share its advice with us. Let’s go through the […]

5 important characteristics when choosing a washing machine

Is your washing machine out of order? It’s time to get a new one. The first step in choosing a washing machine responsibly is to find out more information about the main technical characteristics. Together with Enter, our partner and appliance and electronics expert, we decided to share some handy tips on choosing the best […]

Let’s see what matters when choosing paint

Do you know which material is indispensable in repair work? That’s right, paint for finishing walls, ceilings, or furniture. It helps to bring colour into the home, and to be sure of its quality and durability, it is important to choose it as responsibly as possible. Our partner in Cahul, Gebhardt Plus Company, an expert […]

What tools do you need for repairs?

To start the repair, in addition to the whole list of materials, you need a few power tools, which will make the work easier and more efficient. Grinding, drilling, screwing, plastering… the list can be completed endlessly. To keep things simple, Pandashop, Microinvest’s trusted partner, has revealed which tools are essential for repair work. So, […]

It’s time to kit out your car for cold weather

November is the right time to change from summer to winter tyres. That’s because winter is just days away, and we could be caught unawares by snow, ice, or frozen slush at any time. There is no specific date to switch to winter tyres. However, to be on the safe side, even in adverse weather […]

Safe on the road! Details that make a difference when choosing quality tyres

Surely every driver knows from experience how important it is to have good wheels, especially in winter. That’s why choosing tyres for the cold season is a responsible investment that requires an informed approach. Equipped with high-quality tyres, you’ll be able to drive safely, even in bad weather conditions. Plus, you won’t have any problems […]