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A low loan price does not always guarantee the best OFFER

Who doesn’t like discounts and low prices? Without realizing it, we react to offers with big discounts, later realizing that we have made an unnecessary and even expensive purchase again. How to avoid the temptation to buy the money frog statue, which will only gather dust on the shelf, when its price is so favorable? It’s the same with loans. In the pursuit of minimum rates, we forget that 0% does not always mean FREE. We also forget that the price of a loan consists not only of the interest rate but also of other costs, not always objective.

At Microinvest, the only non-bank lending institution in Moldova with the Smart international Client Protection Certificate, we set prices for loans responsibly and offer our clients the best conditions. When we say the best, we mean really good prices compared to other non-bank lending institutions and even banks for all types of loans. We have no hidden commissions or conditions, and we objectively form the amount to be paid in the end, without gambling, tricks, or secrets. So, you don’t feel like a gambler applying for a too “profitable” loan.

“With Microinvest, everything is simple and straightforward, even if sometimes the interest is higher,” says Fedor Carageaur, a Microinvest client

All of us have checked on our experience the well-known saying: “buy nice or buy twice” and realized that the cheap stuff is not always good. It’s the same with lending. You can get a good offer at a low price, but you have to sacrifice other important qualities, such as speed and convenience in getting money. Well, at Microinvest you don’t have to choose – in addition to a good price, you’ll get prompt and customized solutions, whether you’re an individual or an entrepreneur.

For Fedor Сarageaur, an entrepreneur and Microinvest client, speed was important when applying for a loan. In business, you have to make decisions quickly, especially when it comes to financing if you want to keep up with innovation and not waste time. Having specialized in road markings for many years, he realized that the old equipment had more disadvantages than advantages and decided to purchase a more efficient one. The decision he made helped him develop, and he is glad he chose our Company.

“I sincerely recommend Microinvest as a business partner. Is the percentage higher? It is higher, I do not argue. Many friends have asked me about it. Then I asked them the counter-question: “Are you ready to lend me this amount now?” Nobody was ready. In banks, the interest rate is lower, but there are much more problems when applying for a loan, plus the timing of making a decision, sometimes it’s just a matter of principle. Everything is easier with Microinvest. In 2-3 days, you can solve all the issues. If the interest on such a loan fits into my business plan, then why shouldn’t I use it. Moreover, the very attitude towards borrowers in the company simply captivates me.”

Read the entire success story and lending experience of Fedor Carageaur, Microinvest client, on the Our Client Stories page.

The conclusion here is obvious. The pursuit of low prices is no longer relevant today. It’s important to always put quality first, and then you’ll automatically change your attitude toward low prices and deceptive offers. Besides, you’ll never run into any unexpected situations, especially in lending.

Choose a lender who cares about you.