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“Are you sure you understand the terms of the loan agreement?”

It is essential to read what you sign, to understand all the conditions mentioned, and be sure that you have made the right decision, especially when talking about credit. The loan agreement is the legal act concluded between a lending organization and the beneficiary, the person who decided to apply for credit. It contains the main lending terms, information on interest, commissions, repayment period, and other important details in the lending process, which must be clearly stipulated and accessible to both parties.

As the responsible creditor, Microinvest considers it as a basic commitment to explain all the terms and costs related to credit before signing the loan agreement. Our lending experts inform each client individually of all the provisions stipulated in the agreement, ensuring that they have been understood correctly and in full. Such an approach allows us to build trusting relationships with our customers and avoid unpleasant situations, such as penalties and over-indebtedness.

Find out about all the provisions of the loan agreement

The conscious signing of a loan agreement means not only reading it but also understanding your commitment to the financial institution that gives you credit. To understand all the terms, you need to know what to pay particular attention to when you are going to sign such a document. Microinvest will help you clarify what information a loan agreement should contain:

  • Type of credit (consumer, for business, auto, etc.);
  • Identification data of the financial institution and beneficiary;
  • Term and the total amount of credit;
  • Information on interest (application conditions, APR);
  • Total credit amount and frequency of payments;
  • Additional costs (administration fee, loan assessment fee, approval fee, etc.);
  • Late payment and penalty warning;
  • Information on early repayment;
  • Procedure for applying for the loan agreement termination.

Do not hesitate to ask your credit expert for help, answer all the questions that you may have, and explain in the clearest form all the terms of the loan agreement, which in most cases cannot be modified. The modification of the contractual clauses can be made only with the agreement of both parties, by concluding an additional act, announced and discussed in advance.

CONCLUSION: being well informed about all the credit terms, you will be sure of your decisions, and the borrowed money will help you to quickly and safely realize your proposed plans without negative experiences or ambiguities.

Microinvest, as a responsible lender, in collaboration with MFC, is always ready to help you with useful recommendations to borrow wisely. Don’t let indebtedness control you.