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“What can you do if you have ambiguities about the credit?”- answers a responsible lender

Any decision requires serious attitude and thorough information, in particular, when applying for credit. For safety and peace of mind, throughout the credit period, it is important to know that you have someone to turn to, in case of irregularities, dissatisfaction, or ambiguities. A responsible credit company must always be open to discuss with its customers, any details and answer all questions that arise. This approach underlies the activity of Microinvest lending company. Therefore, every day we tend to offer better services to our customers, even in ambiguous situations.

In case of irregularities, do not hesitate to talk with your credit expert

The lending process includes several stages, each of which has its role in establishing safe and reliable relationships between the financial institution and the beneficiary. The success of credit depends first of all on the choice of a safe financial institution, understanding all lending terms, and compliance with them, both by the client and creditor. Microinvest, as a responsible creditor, helps you understand the main stages of the lending process. Namely:

  1. Submission and examination of the loan application;
  2. Assessment of the client’s financial situation, credit benefits, and risks;
  3. Credit calculation, loan agreement preparation;
  4. Presentation of the loan agreement and its signature;
  5. Credit repayment (according to contractual conditions);
  6. Work with non-performing loans (the most unpleasant step, both for customers who will have to pay penalty interest and for lending institutions).

From the first stage i.e. the loan application and until full repayment of credit, the credit expert must remain your friend. He/she is obliged to explain all terms of credit, to ensure that you understand each point and financial definitions used in the loan agreement and to be always ready to resolve any ambiguity during lending.

Thus, if you have not received a clear answer, faced with some irregularities or ambiguities, or are not satisfied with the attitude or the lending process itself, you have the right and opportunity to write a complaint to the lending company with which you concluded the agreement. This can be done through several communication channels, including e-mail, online platforms or over the phone.

In case of any ambiguities or any suggestions, or proposals regarding the Microinvest activity, please contact us by email, at the phone number 022 802 100 or online. Your opinion will help us become better.