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In the last month of winter, farmers make plans for the start of agricultural work in the new season. As tradition says, a good year must begin with beautiful thoughts, great goals, and passion. Being a farmer is not easy. This work requires a lot of dedication, care, perseverance, confidence, and only then nature will reward you nicely.

Modern agriculture requires investment and responsible partners

Since modern agriculture cannot exist without high-performance equipment, innovative soil cultivation technologies, and quality seeds, AGRO CREDITS is the best solution that can help you develop your household and create qualitative agriculture.

In 2021, Microinvest customers can benefit from an exclusive offer – CREDITS for FARMERS up to MDL 1,700,000 without collateral. Details of this offer you can find out in the 14 Microinvest branches all over the country. But that’s not all; Microinvest thinks about the comfort of its clients, offering them the most advantageous credit conditions and numerous benefits, such as:

  • quick decision;
  • flexible repayment schedule and individual payment methods: you can start paying installments after 9 months or choose individually any 3 months of the year;
  • possibility of early loan repayment without commission;
  • special prices for agricultural equipment and equipment from Microinvest partners;
  • financial analysis by Microinvest experts to determine the right solution for you and your business.

“Agri loans represent a significant part of Microinvest’s portfolio, which allowed to create a transparent, accountable, and long-lasting collaboration with Moldovan farmers. And this year, Microinvest will continue to actively participate in the development of the agricultural sector, supporting farmers in their individual financing needs. Agriculture is a very important branch for our country’s economy, and we are proud to be able to help entrepreneurs with transparent financing that allows them to develop their households,” says Dumitru Svinarenco, Microinvest Executive Director.

Microinvest supports entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who work to develop their own businesses in various sectors, such as growing cereals, flowers, animal husbandry, beekeeping, fruit growing, gardening, underground greenhouses, and much more. The accumulated experience allows the Company to understand the needs of the farmers and come up with advantageous lending offers, customized financial solutions for each business, and flexibility – the most important criteria that entrepreneurs take into account.

If you are also a farmer and need financial support, go to the nearest Microinvest branch, where experts will help you get the credit according to your needs.


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