My experience in the agricultural field started with the land processing services that we provided to other farmers. Later, I started to work on my own land. Initially, we had only 5 ha, but gradually we expanded the area. Thus, in 2017, we processed 300 ha, and in 2018 we evolved up to 500 ha and we do not stop here. The basic crops we grow are wheat, sunflower, corn, barley, and our goal is to ensure maximum quality.

I inherited the love for soil from my father, who was responsible for the processing of an area of about 4 000 ha. He has always said to me: “Do not lie to the soil, and it will surely reward you.” For me, land is like a child that needs to be taken care of. It is not enough just to plant. To obtain a rich harvest, soil needs fertilizers and high-tech technologies.

With the support from Microinvest I purchased a tractor and a seeding machine, which help me ensure a qualitative processing and lay the foundations for a good harvest. I would like to mention one of the company’s products – the credit limit. I have not met such a product before and in my opinion it is an advantage in lending process. Loan Officers performed the financial analysis and established the maximum amount that I can get during a year. This does not mean I am obliged to borrow that amount, but whenever I needed money, I can obtain them within a day, without the necessity to fulfill any formalities and submit  additional documents. I recommend to all my partners the financial support from Microinvest.

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