I liked the idea of running a cafe or a restaurant since my student days, and the possibility of managing my own business was then just a dream.

It all started in early 2017 when the idea of my own cafe chain came back into force. In July we have already opened our first Augusto pastry with a grant obtained and a part of our resources. To make available special and delicious bakery products, we invited two specialists in bakery products technology, one of whom was from Italy. During two weeks they trained employees the mysteries of the bakery craft. Initially, it was a small business; inside we had the production section and space for only one person who could enter, chose the desired product and leave. Later, the space has been enlarged, and our customers got the opportunity to enjoy the baked goods on the spot. We have gradually evolved and now we have the Augusto pastry shop and cafe, two “to go” outlets and the UNOTORO fast food cafe. Our staff grew with the business. At first, we had eight employees, and now our staff  consists of 35 people.

The launch of our business has been exciting and memorable, and that can be explained in the light of the event itself, but also by the fact that the launch of the first pastry coincided with the birthday of our first child. Moreover, the second child appeared in our family exactly on the day when we launched the third unit of our pastry chain. So, I can say that the business grew in parallel with our family.

The growth and development of our business became possible including due to the financial partner we’d found. Microinvest offered us support at the right time. What we liked most was the flexibility, the possibility to choose the date of payment, and the speed of the decision-making process; and the approved credit limit allowed us to get the money in a short time and without collecting additional documents.

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