Cars were my passion since childhood. I started working from the age of 19, and since then I have realized that my dream is to run my own car service and to become the best in the field. I started working in a car service, where I learned what it means to work with cars. Then, I rented a garage, invested in car service with a partner, and recently I have become the sole owner of my business.

I decided to provide car repair and maintenance services: change of oil, filters, gearbox. Now, I can say that my dream came true: I have my car service, I have become not only a professional in my field, but also a good manager, and the quality of services we provide secured us a positive reputation on the market.

I have reached this point due to my perseverance, my desire to do what I like most and of course, thanks to the help provided by Microinvest. Their financial support gave me the possibility to develop my own business.

I have chosen Microinvest because of the speed of service, professionalism of employees and trust they put in my business. I do not stop here though, I still have many aims to attain. The next goal I have in mind is to expand my business and open my second car service using the latest technologies. I am sure Microinvest will help me bring my dream to life, because it has convinced me that it is a reliable partner.

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