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“The Induction program is first and foremost about EXPERIENCE, which some ask for, but we offer,” said Olesea Cobzari, Head of the HR Department, Microinvest

Surely everyone knows the rather absurd situation when employers are looking for young employees with years of experience under their belt. Young professionals often encounter it when applying for jobs, whether they have already graduated or are still studying and want to combine study and work. How would you react if you met an employer who would not ask you for experience but is ready to offer it through a program that perfectly combines practice and theoretical knowledge?

Olesea Cobzari, head of the HR department at Microinvest, says confidently that the Induction program for credit officers is first and foremost about the experience that every young professional seeks when making his or her first steps in a career. It is not an ordinary program with seminars, lecturers, textbooks, classes, and endless tests. It is an ideal environment for integration into the best team. Let’s find out about it in detail.

Olesea, how did the idea of the Induction program come about, and what does it mean for Microinvest?

The idea for the Induction program came about during major structural changes at Microinvest in 2015. We understood that to create a team of professionals, we had to invest in its training. But not in simple training, but a comprehensive program, with a dedicated mentor, a team ready to help with integration, and courses designed to teach from the ground up everything you need to be a credit officer. World practice shows that if you want to get a good professional, you have to train him/her and invest time and knowledge in him/her. Only after that, he/she will begin to show results, manifested in success and determination.

What does a young professional who decides to participate in the Induction program for credit officers get?

The perfect combination of practice and theory. After graduating from college or university, each of us felt uncertain about our knowledge and abilities. The Induction program helps to strengthen and develop them. The program participants study and communicate with people with extensive experience in lending. Without lecturers. Without classes. Without grades. Without textbooks. Only teamwork, presentations, meetings with real businessmen. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week learning from scratch all the secrets of the credit industry with a professional mentor with the support of leading professionals and executives.

Does education matter? Who can apply to participate in the Induction program from Microinvest?

Education matters, but it is not the main criterion. Our program was attended by graduates of law, chemistry, IT, and even literature faculties. Some of them realized they did not see their future in chosen college fields, others simply wanted to retrain, and still, others were lucky enough to combine other fields of study with economics and finance. Any young person who wants to master a new field or combine work with study can apply for participation in the Induction program. We are also open to students who are looking for a place for an internship. They can ride three horses at the same time: intern with us, take part in the Induction program and start working for a leading company.

The Induction program has already had seven graduating classes. Many of the graduates are now managers and team leaders at Microinvest. What other benefits await those who successfully complete the program?

Frankly speaking, the Induction program is like a permanent job with a salary and good working conditions, but at the same time, it allows you to learn new skills and apply them in practice, to gain experience from a team of professionals. It was with Induction that a considerable part of our Company’s managers and top specialists started their way. During the program and after it, young people have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally in a leading non-banking lending institution. Moreover, if during the program participants realize that the position of a credit officer is not suitable for them, we are ready to consider them for other positions in our Company, provided that they have the necessary skills. So, the participants do not lose anything at all but only win. First of all, they get valuable experience.

If you are also looking for a job that can inspire you or you feel that you want to change something in your life, then applying for participation in the Induction program from Microinvest is your chance. All you have to do is send your resume to and we will tell you about the next steps.


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