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“We offer people roofing solutions, from custom design to convenient payment options” – Silvia Savca, Montaco Sales Manager, Microinvest client

The real master knows that the roof is the calling card of every house. It provides us with protection and security and contributes to energy conservation. Since a new roof is a significant investment, it is worth contacting a reliable manufacturer with a big experience. Montaco, a client and partner of Microinvest, has been specializing in roofs and attics for more than 8 years. In 2014, they founded their own business, and their portfolio today includes dozens of satisfied customers with durable and beautiful roofs.

Partnering with Montaco means not only the pleasure of a new roof but also the certainty that the technical solution offered by the team of professionals is perfectly suited to the specifics of your house. Moreover, with them, the choice of a roof is no longer a challenge but an interesting process in which you will find the optimal solution together.

How did the idea of starting a roof installation company come about?

The Montaco team and the business idea did not arise by chance. We are working in the field of roofing since 1999, during this time we have been able to fully explore this niche and understand the need to create a company specializing in quality roofing work in our country. Therefore, in 2014, the Montaco company was born – a roof installation company. The company name is easily deciphered in Romanian – we mount roofs (MONTăm ACOperișuri). We have a small team, however, we can provide a technical solution for any customer. In 2018, we took another important step by opening a physical store with the necessary roofing materials for roof installation. Today we are already present in 3 locations – Chisinau, Balti, and Cahul.

What services does Montaco offer, and how are you different from the rest of the market?

The main specialization of our company is the installation of pitched roofs. We work with several types of premium roofing, namely asphalt shingles, metal, and ceramic tiles from Korean, Swedish, and German manufacturers. We also manufacture and install skylights and additional accessories for roofing: rainwater systems, eaves, etc. Each project created by us is individual and begins with consultation, visit to the site, taking measurements, preparing a sketch and several versions of the price offer. We always advise our clients to focus on quality, because roofing is an acquisition for many years.

How and when did you decide to apply to Microinvest for a business loan?

Like any business, we reached a point in our development where it was necessary to move to the next level. We decided to open the first store in Chisinau. The Microinvest team immediately understood what we were and what our plans were, and very quickly offered us a financing solution. We have a very pleasant cooperation with the loan officer and the whole company. They offered us not only the financial support we needed but also the right credit solution for our type of business. This has afforded us a successful investment, and the cooperation turned into a partnership.

Tell us about the partnership with Microinvest in providing financial support to Montaco customers who need a new roof but do not have the whole amount of money.

We became partners with Microinvest shortly after we received our first loan because of customer needs and because we were satisfied with the financial services offered by the company. Replacing a roof is expensive and it is difficult to raise the necessary amount of money in time. When clients are not sure if they should take out a loan, we tell them about our lending experience at Microinvest. Both as a company and as an individual. For example, I also bought my car with a loan from Microinvest. We also have clients who say from the very beginning that they have loans from Microinvest and want to continue working with it. We are glad that we can offer people both technical and financial solutions. This makes the partnership with Microinvest even more effective.

What are Montaco’s goals for the next few years?

We still want to create the best roofs in Moldova and educate the market in this niche. We want to remain a manufacturer that offers quality in everything from products to installation. We are also considering expanding our business into new niches, such as installing flat roofs and facades. And even cooperation with customers from abroad who are already interested in our services. We are confident that we will succeed, because there are reliable partners nearby who are ready to support us when necessary, such as Microinvest.

*Microinvest is the only financial institution in Moldova that holds SMART International Client Protection Certificate. It implies a responsible and transparent lending process, based on international principles of customer service.


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