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“Lending opens doors to new opportunities and business development” – Aliona Tiskovskii, founder of Azalia flower store in Balti, Microinvest client.

Dreams become reality when you truly love your business and work hard. Alena Tiskcovskii, the founder of Azalia flower store, shared her story of success, which began 25 years ago. Her story is an inspiring example for those who are ready to succeed, persistently strive for their goals, and invest wisely in them.

Since childhood, Alena dreamed of having her own flower business. Starting from a modest flower stand, she eventually opened her own store in Balti, thus turning her dream into reality. In our interview, she spoke about the secrets of successful business, progress in this sector, emphasized the importance of family support, and highlighted the long-term cooperation with Microinvest, which was the key to the expansion of her business.

The flower business is a beautiful and risky activity at the same time. How did it all begin?

To be honest, the dream of owning a flower business has lived within me since my earliest years. My passion for everything beautiful and my desire to evoke emotions led me to the idea of opening my own flower store. I will tell you honestly, 25 years ago, it was challenging to start with selling flowers in stalls. As we grew and developed, we transitioned to a kiosk, and then, in 2011, my long-held dream of owning my own store, Azalia, finally came true. For many years now, we have been delighting customers in our store, continuing to be inspired and inspiring others with our love of flowers.

What countries do you bring flowers from for your store?

At Azalia, we take pride in our diverse selection of flowers: roses in various shades, stunning hydrangeas, an abundance of chrysanthemums, fragrant lilies, delicate matthiolas, elegant eustomas, spring tulips, and other beautiful plants. Many of these flowers, such as tulips, peonies, and other bulbous plants, are grown by us, a process that brings us great pleasure. While we do import numerous flowers from different countries, such as Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, we also actively collaborate with local producers. Flowers cultivated in Moldova are in no way inferior to those grown abroad, and we are proud to support local production, as we are an integral part of it.

How did your collaboration with Microinvest begin, and what are your impressions of it?

Throughout our eight years of fruitful collaboration, I can only express positive impressions. Over this time, our confidence in the company’s professionalism and reliability has continued to strengthen. Microinvest has always been responsive to our needs, offering qualified advice and unwavering support. It feels as though we’ve been evolving in tandem. With the financing we’ve received, we’ve significantly expanded our assortment, procured bulbs for flower cultivation, and brought numerous other projects to fruition. Essentially, lending has been a supportive tool that opens doors to new opportunities and growth. We’re grateful that Microinvest has consistently stood by us, and we look forward to continued fruitful cooperation.

Since developing a business in this field, many changes have certainly taken place. How much has this niche developed recently?

Indeed, the flower market has undergone significant changes. In the past, our assortment was quite limited, with only carnations and roses available. However, nowadays, the variety of exotic flowers available is simply astounding. Additionally, modern floral art enables us to create genuine masterpieces using just a few sprigs of different plants, allowing us to express feelings and evoke unique emotions through compositions.

How challenging is it to be a female entrepreneur in Moldova, and what secrets of running a business could you share?

You know, it may sound cliché, but the first and most crucial thing is to love what you do. Without genuine passion for your work, it’s challenging to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise along the way. Additionally, you need to possess tremendous patience, continuously learn from your mistakes, engage in trial and error, and have the ability to spot opportunities where they may not seem apparent at first glance. Yes, running your own business involves numerous challenges, but it also offers incredible opportunities for growth and success. Family support also plays a vital and invaluable role in achieving success. Our business has long been a family affair, with my son and his wife actively contributing to its development, bringing fresh ideas and energy.

*Microinvest is the only financial organization in Moldova that has the international GOLD certificate in the client protection category. It means a responsible and transparent lending process, fair financing and a constructive approach to any request.


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