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“Microinvest saved me at the last minute to finish the works and launch the business in the season” – Dicusar Mihail, Microinvest client

Who doesn’t want a holiday cottage close to the city, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and the urban heatwave and make the most of summer evenings and weekends? Entrepreneur Dicusar Mihail, Microinvest client, decided to turn this dream into a business idea, launching the “Bruce Home” – a guesthouse in Cojusna, just a few kilometres from Chisinau, with a swimming pool, accommodation and event rooms. The idea came spontaneously, after seeing an advert for the sale of land. He took his time with the launch, enjoying every stage of the design and construction. The whole family got involved in the business, and today they welcome visitors delighted with the new location at Cojusna.

In order to develop his business, Mihail turned to Microinvest for financial support and they are working together effectively to this day. How difficult it is to launch a tourism business in Moldova, what design trends he was inspired by, and what recreational areas can be found at “Bruce Home”, find out from the interview.

Why “Bruce Home”? Where did the business idea come from and how did you take your first steps in entrepreneurship?

Many people know me as Bruce Willis from Moldova. I’m not an actor, I work in the commercial field, but I have been involved in a number of films and commercials. Honestly, I’m proud to have similar features to the American star and I’ve always wanted to meet him. That’s where the name of the guesthouse came from – “Bruce Home”. The tourism business idea came when we had already started construction. Originally, I was planning to build a holiday home for the family, to have a place to stay outside the city. That one evening, walking around the yard, the thought came to me to turn this space into an entrepreneurial business. We built everything in stages, the pool, then the event rooms, the saunas, so we could be active all year round. And here we are this summer, we’ve officially opened the doors of our guesthouse.

What can we find in the guesthouse at Cojusna?

First of all, at “Bruce Home” we have a very spacious swimming pool, following a unique design in Moldova, in Egyptian style. After a holiday in Egypt, I was inspired by the grandeur of the pools there and tried to make a similar project in our country. At the pool we have a mini restaurant for guests. We haven’t managed to launch our own kitchen yet, but we are using catering services with very delicious dishes. We also have a couple of event rooms with various capacities. And of course, – the private area with accommodation and terraces. In winter, we plan to open the sauna and hammam. The hotel complex offers cottages for several families, with separate parking and rest area, where you can forget about the city crowds. The sunshine at Cojusna is our best friend, and the fresh air and green area gives added value to the location, where everyone will feel great.

How difficult is it to launch a tourism business in Moldova? How is “Bruce Home” different from other pool hostels in the country?

Of course, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Our country has wonderful places with clean air and beautiful nature. At “Bruce Home” I wanted to bring a new concept of a guesthouse, in a picturesque place, not far from the city, using eco-friendly materials in construction and furnishing. Starting from the travertine paving, a natural stone that does not release harmful substances when interacting with the sun. We built the fence out of gabion with natural stone extracted from the mountains, and a portion of it is made of bamboo, an exotic and unusual design element. Even the mosaic of the pool is in a light shade, to create a pleasant atmosphere, so that clients can enjoy the sun and fresh air of Cojusna to the fullest.

What does an entrepreneur need to grow? Tell us about your collaboration with Microinvest?

First of all, an entrepreneur needs support and trust. Microinvest was the company that understood me and helped me when I needed it mostly, without asking for too much time and paperwork. I particularly appreciate their efficiency. And now I’m not just speaking on my own behalf, but also on behalf of other entrepreneurs. I have recommended Microinvest to many people and they are all satisfied. The loan approval time was very fast, giving me the time, I needed to fit in all the work, open the guesthouse on time and not miss the season. This timing was paramount for me and my business. Microinvest really came to my rescue when I was on my last legs, for that I am extremely grateful.

What else are you planning to launch at “Bruce Home”?

Plans for the next few years are to finish all the levels and strengthen the business. At the moment, in the private area a room with saunas, equipment, pool and everything needed for water sports is in the works. On the top level we want to open a spa area with terrace and jacuzzi systems and improve all the recreational areas on the territory. This guesthouse is a family business, in which I wanted to involve my children, so that they can help me and understand for themselves how a business works from the inside, and then continue and develop it and not go abroad. We have successfully opened, now we are going to move forward. For other investments I will definitely turn to Microinvest again, it’s easy and convenient to work with them. Besides, it is a leading company with professional and responsible people.

*Microinvest is the only non-bank credit institution in Moldova which adheres to international customer protection principles. They involve a responsible and transparent lending process, based on a fair, respectful and equitable approach to customer service.


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