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“Thanks to the financial support of Microinvest, we have the best cosmetology equipment,” says Alina Andronic, founder of the Mostelle Center.

Every woman wants to be beautiful. Fortunately, in the modern world, cosmetic procedures are becoming more effective and diverse thanks to modern equipment available in salons. Alina Andronic, founder of Mostelle Center and a client of Microinvest, started in the aesthetic field in 2015. Satisfied customers and the prospects that opened prompted her to open a comprehensive cosmetology center, where women have the opportunity to quickly and safely become beautiful. Thus and so, the Mostelle Center appeared.

This year, the Mostelle Cosmetology Center, with the financial support of Microinvest, acquired exclusive to Moldova equipment for laser hair removal procedures. Alina says the results are amazing, as is the number of women who want to try this miracle device. It took a lot of investment to acquire it but it helped take the business to the next level. The founder is confident that they will not stop there, especially since they have such a partner as Microinvest, which supports and protects them.

Alina, what cosmetic services does the Mostelle Center offer, and how did the idea of its opening come about?

No matter how banal it may sound, the idea for the Mostelle Center was born in our house in 2015 when I started doing hair treatments. Even though I didn’t have many clients, I noticed prospects in that field and it inspired me to do something more. Quickly enough, we rented our first small salon, where, in addition to hair care, we offered body remodeling procedures. The flow of clients grew and in 2016 we already moved here to diversify our services as much as possible and become a comprehensive cosmetology center, known and recommended by women from all over the country. Today at the Mostelle Center, clients can take advantage of body remodeling, massage, laser hair removal, hair care, and state-of-the-art beauty treatments.

What is the most popular procedure in your center?

Over the past two years, we have renewed almost all of our equipment. At our center, women can take advantage of the latest effective cosmetic procedures in the country. At the moment, the most popular procedure is diode permanent hair laser removal. We work with Lumenis LighSheer Desire, one of the most powerful permanent hair removal machines in the world. The safety, comfort, and speed offered by this machine make hair removal one of the most sought-after procedures for modern women. Also, at the Mostelle Center, clients can try such well-known treatments as electrostimulation, which replaces active exercises, red carpet facial with the HYDRAFACIAL machine, and other innovative full-body treatments.

What problems does the cosmetics business face?

This field has the same problems as any other, but if you’re ready to offer quality services, you’re bound to succeed. Our team has staked on quality, which is where we have invested the most. We created the center with our own resources, invested in assets, i.e., in modern and highly efficient equipment, and got amazing results. I can say with confidence that most of our clients chose us based on recommendations, they see the result after only a few procedures, and this is possible only thanks to high-class equipment, individual approach, and a combination of several procedures according to the best protocols.

How did your cooperation with Microinvest begin?

I chose 3 financial companies that gave me confidence and applied for a loan online. The first people to call me were from Microinvest. I liked the individual approach to each client and, of course, efficiency. They treated me with respect and provided the impetus I needed, and most importantly, they saw the potential in my idea. I hadn’t taken out any loans before, I had no experience with financing at all, especially in business. Of course, I was mistrustful and worried about how everything would go but Stefan, my loan officer, instilled confidence in me and explained every step. I am grateful to the Microinvest team that we were able to achieve these results. We were supported when we needed it, which is the most important thing.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, and when you’re a woman and entrepreneur, it’s even harder. What recommendations would you give to those who are still hesitant to open a business in Moldova?

Have courage, plan each step as responsibly as possible, and always strive for the best results. To succeed in any business, including the beauty industry, there are only three things to consider: what you work with, how you work, and how you serve your clients so that they then recommend you and your services. At Mostelle, we decided to invest in the best equipment, location, and specialists. Because we want to offer our customers the best. Yes, sometimes being an entrepreneur is difficult but it’s also very rewarding to see satisfied people who come to you with pleasure.

Microinvest is the only NBLI in Moldova that holds SMART International Client Protection Certificate.  It implies a responsible and transparent lending process, based on international principles of customer service.


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